Yesterday, Monday, March 12, 2023, a twinning agreement was signed at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research headquarters, between the National School of Artificial Intelligence (ENSIA) and the Qatar University for Science and Technology, by Pr. Abedlamlik Bachir the director of the school, and Dr. Salem Al-Naemi president of the university. The agreement provides for cooperation between the two institutions in joint academic fields and aims to expand and strengthen their mutual interests. Within the framework of the agreement, the two universities intend to collaborate in the following areas:

  • Joint educational activities such as summer schools and diploma programs,
  • Collaboration in the exchange of doctoral students and joint supervision of doctoral theses,
  • Joint extracurricular activities in academic and scientific fields, such as conferences, and seminars,
  • Collaborative research projects,
  • Collaborative academic and scientific publications,
  • Exchange of bachelor and master students,
  • Exchange of faculty and research members,
  • Exchange of academic publications.

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