A twinning agreement was signed between the National School of Artificial Intelligence and Northwest Normal University from Chine on May 17, 2023. This partnership signifies the commitment of both institutions to engage in cooperative educational and research activities for mutual benefits. The agreement aims to expand and promote mutual interests through various collaborative initiatives, fostering academic excellence and cultural exchange:

  • Joint Curricular Activities: One of the key aspects of the twinning agreement is the organization of joint curricular activities in education and teaching. Both institutions will collaborate on designing and implementing summer schools and diploma programs, providing students with unique learning opportunities.
  • Collaboration on Doctoral Research: The agreement emphasizes the collaboration on doctoral student exchange and the co-supervision of doctoral theses. This collaboration will allow students to benefit from the expertise of faculty members from both institutions, resulting in enriched research outcomes and a broader understanding of their respective fields.
  • Joint Extra-Curricular Activities: In academic and scientific fields, this includes organizing certificate courses, conferences, and symposia, which will facilitate intellectual discourse and promote interdisciplinary research collaboration among students and faculty members.
  • Collaborative Research Projects and Publications: The partnership encourages joint academic and scientific publications, enabling the dissemination of knowledge and enhancing the institutions’ research reputation on a global scale.
  • Exchange Students: It facilitates the exchange of undergraduate and graduate students between the two institutions. This exchange program will provide students with an opportunity to experience different academic environments, gain a broader perspective, and immerse themselves in a diverse cultural setting. The exchange of research and teaching staff will also foster collaboration, allowing faculty members to share their knowledge and expertise.
  • Sharing Academic Publications and Scholarly Documents: In the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing, the twinning agreement includes the exchange of academic publications and scholarly documents between both institutions.
  • Recognition of University Degrees: A crucial aspect of the agreement is the recognition of university degrees delivered and authenticated by both parties. This recognition solidifies the value and credibility of the academic programs offered by ENSIA and the Northwest Normal University, ensuring that students’ accomplishments are acknowledged and accepted internationally.

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