To promote scientific and research collaboration with the industrial partners, several meetings and presentations took place on May 25, 2022 with the presence of officials from the national company Sonatrach. The meeting was led by the Central Director of Research and Development (R&D) Mr Benamara, and Directors Mr. Fodil-Cherif, and Mr. Khireddine from the Sonatrach Group and Professors Abdelmalik Bachir and Ahmed Medeghri, Directors of the two schools (ENSIA) and (ENSMath). This is an encouraging milestone to concretize the agreement previously signed between Sonatrach and ENSIA. The collaboration meeting was an opportunity for the school’s academic staff and students to gain insightful knowledge about the scientific and technical activities conducted by the company where artificial intelligence is envisioned to transform the Oil & Gas industry.
Officials from both the industrial partner Sonatrach along with members from the academic school ENSIA, agreed to continue the pace of cooperation by holding further meetings to bridge the collaboration links and define future joint projects serving various aspects including training, research and development.
Sonatrach is a state-owned company in Algeria considered today as the largest company in Africa whilst ranked as the 12th largest oil consortium in the world.

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