Mohammed Brahimi

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

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Researcher in Machine Learning, I am interested in ML applications in Agriculture, Chemistry and Engineering. I am a lecturer at the School of Artificial Intelligence in Algiers. I was certified for several Nvidia workshops, which allowed me to train more than 300 participants and certified more than 150 of them. I am very interested recently in how to implement machine learning and deep learning projects in production.
I'm interested in machine learning theory and its application in real life (Agriculture, Chemistry, Engineering...). Recently, I have worked in deep learning and especially convolutional neural networks (CNN) for computer vision. For example, I have applied CNN for plant disease classification and human action recognition. But, I don't limit myself to these applications, and I can apply CNN in any domain. I'm working on the interpretation of CNN results using visualization methods to make it more useful in many critical applications.

Research Interests

Machine Learning

Convolutional Neural Networks

Computer Vision

Disease Classification