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UE Transversales 1.1







Course Description:

This course introduces students to brain main functions, patterns of thinking, ideas generating, evaluating, implementing, and problem solving strategies and techniques. Furthermore, the students will be exposed to different blocks to critical thinking and creativity, and how to overcome them. This course is more practical than theoretical which enables students to develop their creative and innovative mind set. In addition, digital creativity will be highlighted, and direct students to develop it.

Prerequisite : None

Evaluation Method : Coursework (40 %) + Final Exam (60%)

Course Content

  • Introduction: Importance of skills for future employment. Importance of creativity and critical thinking as soft skills.
  • The brain's main structure: left brain – right brain – upper brain – lower brain.
  • The brain main functions: Left and right brain functions, upper and lower brain functions.
  • The concept of Four-Quadrant Brain Model of Thinking Preferences”
  • The Whole Brain concept.
  • Relationship between the brain & skills.
  • The Concept of Brain Dominance
  • How does the “Four-Quadrant Model” relate to the physical brain?
  • How to develop creative problem solving?
  • Divergent & convergent thinking
  • How to improve students’ critical thinking skills?
  • Critical thinking barriers, and how to overcome them.
  • Creative thinking barriers, and how to overcome them.
  • Digital Creativity


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